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Medical Rep Connect is the Free Solution for Doctors to Validate, Schedule & Track their Vendors

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Easy Vendor Credentialing & Scheduling

Welcome to Medical Rep Connect, an online medical vendor credentialing, scheduling and communication system designed to help doctor's offices, hospitals and medical centers manage the flow of medical reps, cut visit time and avoid liability issues.

Free for Hospitals, Doctor's Offices and Medical Centers, this web-based solution was designed with the help of Reps and Doctors to create a better Vendor Management System, with features like:

  • Rep Scheduling System
  • Rep Credentialing with Instant Verification
  • Communication & Networking Tools
  • Rep Activity Tracking
  • Rep Reviews and Comments
  • I.D. Badge Generation, Printable Placards

Using our system and procedures developed over the years by busy doctor's offices, we can show you how to cut your rep visit times by up to 75%, and get a free lunch! To find out how, sign up now.

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