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Medical Vendor Credentialing, Scheduling & Tracking

Nurses StationMedical Rep Connect is the free online solution to a common problem for Doctors – Medical Rep visits. This double-edge sword is both a blessing and a curse for many Doctors as it gives them things like free drug samples, but takes up time, congests the front desk and sends the wrong message to your patients when they loiter in your waiting area. Medical Rep Connect is the nothing-to-buy solution for the medical community for Vendor Credentialing, Rep Scheduling, and Rep Activity Tracking.

For Reps, MRC allows them to communicate with their doctors like never before. Rep Profiles allow them to upload product images, videos and post information about their products and services. Communication and private networking tools like instant messaging, email notifications, Group creation and mass emailing allow a Rep to share critical information and have the doctor informed well before they arrive. Our Contact Matching technology will show you doctors in your area so you can find more doctors, save time and earn more.

Cut Rep Vistit Time Dramatically

Rep ProfileMedical Rep Connect offers easy-to-use tools for Doctor’s Offices to manage their Reps. Print the placard provided in your Profile and post it at your front desk for all Reps to see. Let them know you require all Reps to be verified through Medical Rep Connect.

Once they join, they will find your profile easily and add you as a Contact. This will place their Avatar in your Profile when you login. When they request an appointment, call, or visit, click their Avatar to see all their information, and if they are verified.

Using our advanced tools and proven office procedures, MRC can cut time spent meeting with Reps by up to 75%, saving time and improving patient relations. Reps can organize their day more efficiently, communicate better and visit more doctors.


Risk ManagementMedical Reps can be a liability for any medical practice, especially if they are not covered by their own insurance, or don’t have their inoculations. The Medical Rep Connect Verification system provides an easy way to let Doctors know their Reps are insured, inoculated and HIPAA compliant with a simple check-mark or ‘X’ at the top of all Vendor Profiles. If they are not Verified, the system displays why, and how the Rep can quickly remedy the situation.

Top Features

checkEasy Rep Verification - Our Vendor Credentialing system allows medical vendors (pharmacy reps, supply reps, etc.) to gain access to physician practices in our system. Healthcare is full of regulatory and compliance issues well beyond vendor issues, so let MRC manage your vendors' compliance thru our advanced credentialing process which can be modified around every clients needs. Reps will be required to comply with industry standards (HIPAA) and office policies (such as no walk in visits). Credentialing

Calendar128Rep Scheduling - Our scheduling program significantly reduces or eliminates the congestion at the front desk and nurses station of medical vendors, including pharmacy reps and equipment reps. We offer an easy-to-use scheduling system for established reps to stay connected with the physician office. Reps request an appointment with their Doctors, Doctor's offices RSVP them with an acceptance or rejection, and instant messaging allows for quick communication to help facilitate the scheduling process. Or, Doctors can also choose not to use the scheduler at all, and their profile will display "Accept phone calls only". Scheduling

Rep TrackingRep Tracking - The MRC system has an advanced activity program customized to track Rep Activity in the MRC system. Reps simply check in and out with their mobile device on their profile, and the Activity is recorded for their Doctors and Supervisors to see. Rep Tracking

contact repDetailed Profiles - Profile pages are setup to display your Reps' important information like phone, email and contact info, so no more digging for business cards; just look up your Rep and contact them if you need more samples or something. You can also use the Instant Messaging System to send a message to their Profile and email, as well as SMS (phone messaging).

CommunicationInstant Messaging - Our member messaging system allows Doctors to communicate with their Reps like never before. Simply go to your Rep's profile and enter your message like "Dr. John is out of sample medication A can you please visit Thursday afternoon". Your message is delivered to your Rep' Profile, email and SMS. Used with the scheduling system, it is designed to save time for getting the things you need from your Vendors, and reduce your rep's visiting time.

upload.jpgSupporting Documents - Unlike other Vendor Credentialing systems, a Rep's uploaded credentials and documents are verified immediately, using advanced technology so that Reps can become verified within minutes of signing up. Vendor Documents must be re-uploaded every 12 months for a Rep to remain Verified, as well as other criteria. Doctors can view their Rep's supporting documents right in their Rep's Profile.

Contact ManagerInstant Contact Creation - Reps who add Doctors as a Contact are automatically added to the Doctors Profile page, so Doctors can simply click the Avatar of the visiting Rep when they come in to see their Rep Profile, and know instantly if they are Verified, see their picture, Company information and much more.

no software to buyNo Software or Hardware to Buy - MedicalRepConnect is completely web-based, works on any web browser and even on mobile devices. Just login and start finding and connecting to Reps or Doctors in your area. No need for a 'kiosk' or any hardware, MRC works on your existing PC, Mac or Mobile Device.

EasyEasy Sign up - Registration is fast and simple, just answer some questions about who you are and where you are. Once registered, login and make your profile easier to find by completing profile fields like Indications, Specialties, Areas of Practice and more.

connectSmart Match - Our Rep - Doctor matching technology displays Doctors or Reps in your area that are in the MRC system based on location, specialty and other criteria you can edit to find more matches.

Member SearchIntelligent Search - The Advanced Search system is an intelligent search engine that can find Members by any criteria, including keyword search, address or even do a Radius Search to find Doctors or Reps within your area. Connect with those Members and send messages, share photos and videos, form groups and start communicating like never before.

networkingNetworking - Physicians can use the powerful networking tools to collaborate with other Physicians, form Public or Private Groups, share new and critical info, send instant messages & emails, even schedule events and seminars. You can even upload your videos and share them with your Groups!

ManagersManagers and Supervisors - Using the MedicalRepConnect system, Sales Managers and Directors can communicate with and track their Reps in the field. See their activity, schedule and contact list, even send Group messages (or to a single Member) that gets mirrored to their email. MedicalRepConnect is Mobile Friendly, and works on all mobile devices, Smartphones and iPhones / iPads.

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