MedicalRepConnect is an online Medical Vendor Credentialing, Tracking & Scheduling system, designed with powerful networking programs to facilitate communication between Reps and Doctor's offices.

Schedule AppointmentsRep Scheduling System

Our scheduling program significantly reduces or eliminates the congestion at the front desk and nurses station of medical vendors, pharmacy, and equipment reps. We offer an easy-to-use scheduling system for established reps to request an appointment with their Doctors, who RSVP them with an acceptance or rejection, and instant messaging allows for quick communication to help facilitate the entire scheduling process.

  • Reps create a new Appointment, then choose the Doctor(s) they want to set an appointment with. Doctors' offices then RSVP through the system and emails the Rep, keeping all parties up to date.
  • Doctors can also utilize our system to create Appointments or Events with other Doctors, then invite their Contacts, track responses stay organized.
  • Easily check your appointments for the day, week or month with our Calendar.
  • Instant notifications via site messaging and email to all parties.
  • Set your Best Time for Reps in your profile to avoid appointment requests on the wrong days.
  • Disable the entire scheduler if you already have a solution or want walk-ins.

Vendor Scheduling

closeup rep verifyRep Credentialing

Our credentialing system allows medical vendors to gain access to physician practices that are in our system. Healthcare is full of regulatory and compliance issues well beyond vendor issues so let us manage your vendors thru our credentialing process, which we can modify around every clients' needs. Vendors will be required to comply with industry standards (HIPAA) and office policies (such as no walk in visits).

  • Reps must pass a simple Policy exam, verifying they are HIPAA compliant, have their inoculations and have up-to-date insurance.
  • Reps must upload supporting documents to their profile.
  • Supporting documents expire after 12 months, requiring Rep to keep them updated to stay Verified.
  • Custom Credentialing, personal Policies.

Rep Profiles display their Verification Status right at the top - so you know at a glance if they may access your facility. Supporting Documents are shown to Doctors only, and display File name, date uploaded and if current.

Vendor Credentialing

Medical Vendor Tracking

Rep TrackingThe MRC system includes a Rep Tracking module that requires Reps to sign in and out of each Doctor they visit, right from their Internet-enabled mobile device. This eliminates the need for hardware in the office, and allows Doctors to see when their Reps have visited them. Activity is recorded for their Doctors and Supervisors to see.

Vendor Tracking

Advanced Member Search

Search for Members by State, Zip, Name, Company, Specialty or Practice Name. You can also use our advanced Search Tools like Radius Search or Keyword Search.

  • Search by just about any criteria, specialty, name, city etc.
  • Radius Search Tools - Geo searching technology to search Members according to location.
  • Save your searches as Lists to refer back to.
  • Super Fast - with advanced Member Info Caching.
  • Privacy Aware - shows results based on Access Levels.

Auto-Connect with new Contacts

Once you find Reps or Doctors in the system, add them as a Contact with the click of a button. Easily organize your Contacts into Groups you create, then use built-in Communication tools to schedule appointments, advertise new products, upload videos for clients to see and much more.

Instant Badge Generation Instant Rep Badge Generation

Once you have completed the Rep Verification, Rep's profile pages will display a generated I.D. Badge for them to print and laminate. Only verified Reps can generate Badges.

  • Reps must complete our Verification Policy, and upload supporting documents.
  • Badges include Portrait, Name, Company and Position.
  • Badges are clearly marked "VENDOR" so you recognize your rep instantly.
  • Improves security, lowers liability risks.

User Groups User groups

If you manage a lot of Vendors or Doctors, MedicalRepConnect has the tools to help you keep them organized. Groups allows you to organize and interact with your contacts easily. Every group can have its own photos, videos and event sections. Plus, there is a discussion board and file sharing feature for your community.

  • Set your group as public if you want to attract more members to your group.
  • Or make your group private. Private groups require invitation before anyone can join and view its content.

Privacy Security & Privacy Control

We take user privacy seriously and have built a robust privacy control system within MedicalRepConnect.com.

  • We never sell Member info to anyone at any price.
  • We do not take credit card information on this site - all Rep payments are secured through PayPal Subscriptions.
  • Easily control privacy settings for Activity, Events, Photos and Videos.
  • Protected by SSLEncrypted Logins, server Protected by 256-bit SSL (HIPAA Compliant).
  • Secure Server with 99.9% uptime - Our Hosting Company houses servers in multiple SoftLayer data-centers. Ranging from 22,000 to more than 78,000 square feet, these world-class datacenters contain industry-standard technology to ensure that all servers stay cool, secure, and on-line at all times. The data-centers feature redundant power, HVAC, and fire detection/suppression systems, and are monitored 24/7/365 by both the Hosting Company and SoftLayer's Network Operation Centers.
  • You can cancel your Membership or Subscription at any time, files and data are deleted.

If you have any questions or feature requests, feel free to contact us or Sign Up Now