Medical Vendor Credentialing

What is Credentialing?

Credentialing refers to the verification of a Medical Rep's compliance with HIPAA, up to date inoculations and insurance, as well as your internal rules and regulations. The MedicalRepConnect system allows you to do all of that and much more.

Our credentialing system allows medical vendors to gain access to physician practices that are in our system. Healthcare is full of regulatory and compliance issues well beyond vendor issues so let us manage your vendors thru our credentialing process, which we can modify around every clients' needs. Vendors will be required to comply with industry standards (HIPAA) and office policies (such as no walk in visits).

Basic Verification

Rep Verified!Our Basic Verification verifies a Reps' contact information such as profile image, phone, email and supervisor. Then our system requires the Rep to upload their supporting documents, then take a Policy quiz that covers the basic internal policies of most medical facilities. Once a Rep is Verified, a large green check-mark will appear at the top of their profile.

file manager Supporting Documents - Unlike other Vendor Credentialing systems, a Rep's uploaded credentials and documents are verified immediately, using advanced technology so that Reps can become verified within minutes of signing up. Vendor Documents must be re-uploaded every 12 months for a Rep to remain Verified, as well as other criteria. Doctors can view their Rep's supporting documents right in their Rep's Profile.

Uploaded Files are displayed clearly on the Rep's Profile, so Doctors can see their Reps paperwork, and access them easily if they need to.

Our smart software scans supporting documents to ensure they are real, and an MRC rep reviews the files within 24 hours to confirm. This allows us to provide fast, reliable verification for our Reps.

Custom Verification

The MRC system allows Doctors to easily setup their own Policies for their Reps to pass, so you can customize your verification to whatever your facility requires. If you have trouble, an MRC rep is standing by to help you, or we can set it up for you.


  • No Cost Solution for medical facilities
  • Fast Implementation
  • Automated Rep Verification
  • Increases Security
  • Reduces Risk

All you have to do is join for free, print your placard and enforce your Reps' membership to MRC. Sign up now or contact one of our Reps if you have any questions.

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