Medical Rep Scheduling

Rep Scheduling System

rep appointmentsOur scheduling program significantly reduces or eliminates the congestion at the front desk and nurses station of medical vendors, pharmacy, and equipment reps. We offer an easy-to-use scheduling system for established reps to request an appointment with their Doctors, who RSVP them with an acceptance or rejection, and instant messaging allows for quick communication to help facilitate the entire scheduling process.

When a Doctor signs up, they are asked what day and time slots are best for Reps to visit them. The answers are tied into our Scheduling System and displayed for Reps to see when they request an appointment with the Doctor. This avoids Reps wasting valuable time requesting appointments on days or times that are not convenient, or when the facility is closed.

Another option for Doctors is to disable the Scheduler and show Reps to contact them by phone. This is for facilities that already have a scheduling program in place, or welcome walk-ins.

  • Reps create a new Appointment, then choose the Doctor(s) they want to set an appointment with. Doctors' offices then RSVP through the system and emails the Rep, keeping all parties up to date.
  • Doctors can also utilize our system to create Appointments or Events with other Doctors, then invite their Contacts, track responses, and stay organized.
  • Easily check your appointments for the day, week or month with our Calendar.
  • Instant notifications via site messaging and email to all parties.
  • Set your Best Time for Reps in your profile to avoid appointment requests on the wrong days.
  • Disable the entire scheduler if you already have a solution or want walk-ins.

Our unique scheduling system is designed logistically to fit the needs of Reps on the move, and busy office managers trying to juggle everything in their day. If you require additional scheduling features, let us know, we are always looking to improve!

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