Medical Vendor Tracking

Rep TrackingThe MRC system includes a Rep Tracking module that requires Reps to sign in and out of each Doctor they visit, right from their Internet-enabled mobile device. This eliminates the need for hardware in the office, and allows Doctors to see when their Reps have visited them. Activity is recorded for their Doctors and Supervisors to see.

Besides the summary and most recent activities on the Rep's profile, there is a detailed Activity page for Doctors to access on their Reps. This provides detailed information about the visit, time of arrival and departure, even allows the Rep to attach relevant files, images or web links to their entry.

  • Enforces Compliance with industry regulations
  • Facilitates communication between Doctors and Rep
  • Improves other quality and operating processes
  • Increases accountability of Reps
  • Increases operational transparency

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